Tuesday | 16/06/2015

There's no doubt that some of you will have attended the odd darts exhibition.
They're fun, and sometimes you even get to play the darting star on the night, but do you really know the player you've paid good money to watch?

An evening's entertainment isn't cheap nowadays. - What we're offering is something a little different and certainly value for money.

I'm giving you a chance to book a show with a difference.
We all want to be entertained and I believe the way forward is giving darts fans a chance to learn more about the player on show ( me ), learn more about the darting world.

When parting with your hard earned cash you want to feel like it's been a worthwhile endeavour.
I'm going to give you so much you'll be in a daze.
Darts, fun, trick shots, laughs, sadness ( that's when I win, not often but just sometimes ) and the truth, that's all on the menu.

The evenings will see fellow Sky Sports Darts Commentator / Presenter Rod Studd as the master of ceremonies, he'll also be leading an interview with yours truly, we'll then break into an open to all question and answers, you'll get the chance to ask me anything darts related, warning, be ready for brutal honesty.

If you think this kind of event would work for you please get in touch before all dates available become unavailable.

We also supply a full stage set and PA system.

See you soon, maybe.