Wednesday | 16/03/2011
I have recently been commentating for Sky Sports at the 888.com premier league of darts and, after my stint in the box at the world championships, I was looking forward to trying my hand again.

Even though I have participated in the premier league myself on four occasions I have to say that this year is by far the best we have ever seen - I don't like saying it but it's true.

With the newly crowned world champ Adrian Lewis and runner up Gary Anderson showing the world how to hit 180's and the " Power " Phil Taylor, it might even get better.

Whilst commentating I am noticing all the habits of the great players: the way they set themselves for a big shot, the way the pressure is dealt with and the way they disregard all outside influences like the cameras and the noise. I'm learning from them all the time. If you watch these guys and don't learn then your not really watching.

I'm in the box again at the CIA in Cardiff at the end of this month, so you will have to live without me till then, tough I know, not. The playing side of things is going to plan, and the plan is to be happy with my game and relax whilst playing, which I'm doing. The results have been hit and miss but the performances are there.

The tour is so tough now, fear is a thing of the past, all the guys think they can win the events.

I have beaten some good players over the last few weeks - Jamie Caven, Roland Scholten and Ronnie Baxter to name a few. This gives me the confidence for the year and, hopefully, something to build on.

I have already qualified for the UK Open finals in Bolton, live on Sky Sports on the 2nd June.

Harrows Darts continue to sponsor me, and have just supplied me with 12 new sets of darts - exactly how I like them. They are 2mm shorter in the point than the average set because, as I touch the point on release, it's paramount they are the right length.

Don't forget the Brydens Barbados Darts Festival is only seven and half months away - so get booking because it promises to be another huge success. Details are just a click away on the site.

Well that's how things are going my end.

Thanks for the continued support. Onward and Upward!