Tuesday | 14/05/2013

Although I can’t make the Barbados Darts Festival this year because of prior commitments I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone – especially as anyone signing up before June 22 can now benefit from a promotion that provides them with $200 US spending money each!

This great incentive comes courtesy of long-term sponsor The Barbados Tourism Authority and is available to everyone who books for seven or more nights before June 22.

The money will be in the form of cash vouchers that can be used to purchase meals at restaurants, car hire and a host of attractions and excursions such as Island Safari and the Catamaran Cruise – always a favourite with participants.

Festival Director Michael Heal comments:
“This is a fantastic offer enabling participants to enjoy a host of things that make Barbados such a sought-after holiday destination – without spending their own money!

The $200 US voucher will enable each person to enjoy BOTH the catamaran cruise where you can snorkel over wrecks and reefs and swim with the turtles AND The Island Safari where you get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the island that are off the beaten track.  Both these day excursions provide passengers with food and all you can drink throughout the trip – and you will still have money left from your $200 US gift!  The programme allows for these excursions and so you won’t be missing out on anything – and your trip will be that more memorable for experiencing them!

You can book 14 nights in Barbados ( flight and accommodation in an air conditioned room in the HQ hotel ) for just over £1,000 per person.


The Brydens Barbados Dart Festival takes place from 2 – 12 November with the major darts tournaments taking place over the weekend of November 8 – 10.

Contact Festival Director, Michael Heal: michael.heal@btconnect.com

Tel: 0775 157 1936