Saturday | 14/04/2012

Time is running out for some of the players in the Premier League to claim the four semi-final berths.

Mr T is already there and the current bottom three ( Painter, Hamilton & Anderson ) will have to pull out all the stops the reach the 14 point total that most people think will be required to make the play-off stage.

In Sheffield Simon Whitlock pushed the door into the semis wide open – he now has to walk through it.  Kevin Painter is a player who thrives on self confidence and he could have gone into the break in his match with Simon with a lead of 4 legs to 2 and this could have influenced the final result.

Gary Anderson had the chance to rescue his 2012 campaign by taking maximum points from his two matches on the night but only managed to leave with one.  James Wade looked every inch the main contender as he disposed of Gary Anderson in the first game of the night and in the final encounter the Scot could not withstand a determined fight back from Andy Hamilton to earn a draw.