2016... WOW
Friday | 22/01/2016

This year is already looking busier than the last.

Exhibitions, Sky Sports and my School of Darts take up nearly all my time. Talking of Darts school, if you do fancy a trip down to St Osyth for a one to one lesson, let me know.
It's not a practice session...it's an intense couple of hours where you'll be videoed and shown your action in fine detail. Finding faults is easy, the art is knowing the fix.

The exhibition side of things are going splendidly well, so well to the point that I have no free weekends at all, so if you are thinking of having a darts evening with yours truly it'll have to be during the week. Sorry for the limited options.

There are over seventy days of darts on sky sports this year, fantastic news for darts lovers. The sport is still on an upward curve, the players are getting better, the production from all television broadcasters is getting better and the prize money has escalated to unimaginable amounts. Back in my day a big cheque was one of the comical things that literally would fit in a transit van.

Anyway, I have to run I've a pupil coming for a two hour lesson.

Speak soon.